Anthony - Its great that draft season is back and happy to see you are doing these mocks again. I am curious what information you have come across to put Malik Willis at #2 to the Lions. I get the strong sense from reading and listening to Jeremiah and Brugler that Willis is still a fringe 1st round talent and he really did not separate himself from Pickett at the Senior Bowl and Combine despite the wow plays. After both events, Brugler still had him going #18 and behind Pickett. So I'm curious what you information you have come across because I get the impression, this early on, that any QB would be a massive reach at #2.

Take it for what its worth, but I figured I would pass this along. Connor Hughes who covers the Jets got my attention last year when he said they would trade up to draft Vera-Tucker and the Jets did exactly that. On a podcast about a week ago he said something along the lines of he would put money on the Jets going pass rusher at #4 and WR at #10. I feel like he has been pretty consistent in mentioning Thibodeaux as an option at #4 as well.

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Nothing explicit on Willis, but I think some of the chatter out of Detroit softly indicates that they would consider it. Lions staff worked with him at the Senior Bowl and supposedly loved him. Think if there’s a riser out there its Malik. And if you’re the Lions, you miss on Hutch who you wanted, may as well get the QB.

Definitely interesting regarding the Jets. I’m ultimately just not sold on Thibs going inside the top 4 — seems like he’s been sliding as the process goes on. Certainly Walker I think they would take if he was available, but isn’t here. I think the media has been a little slower than betting markets on Thibodeaux. Just my thoughts tho.

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